Intelligent Roadway Information System

Lane-use Control Signs (LCS)

Select View ➔ Lane Use ➔ LCS menu item

A lane-use control sign (LCS) is a sign which is mounted over a single lane of traffic (typically one for each lane). It can display a set of indications which either permit or restrict use of that lane.


These are some typical lane-use indications:

Indication Example Image
Lane open  ↓ 
Use caution  ↓  (animated)
Lane closed ahead  X 
Lane closed  X 
HOV / HOT  ◊ 
Merge right  》 (animated)
Merge left 《  (animated)
Merge both 〈〉 (animated)

Intelligent LCS

An intelligent LCS is a full-matrix color DMS mounted directly over a lane of traffic. In addition to being used as an LCS, it can display variable speed advisories, or any operator-defined message as a regular DMS.

Lane-Use MULTI

A lane-use MULTI associates an indication with a message pattern. The message typically contains a graphic image of the indication. To be used, the hashtag must match the DMS.

Changeable LCS

A changeable LCS device is much simpler than an ILCS. It can display one of these indications:

  1. Lane open
  2. Use caution
  3. Lane closed

Each indication must be assigned to a separate IO pin on a controller, as well as the DMS which represents the LCS.