Intelligent Roadway Information System


The Incident tab on the client interface is used to manage incidents within IRIS. Traffic incidents have several attributes, including location, type, detail, camera and lane impact. Active incidents are written to an XML file, which can be processed by external systems.


The interface for creating incidents is streamlined to allow operators to process them quickly.

  1. Click one of the incident type buttons: Crash, Stall, Road Work or Hazard
  2. Select lane type — Mainline is the default, but Exit, Entrance and CD Road are available
  3. Select incident location on the map (the cursor will change to a crosshair)
  4. Select incident detail (for hazards)
  5. Select verification camera. The list will be populated with a few cameras near the selected location.
  6. Specify lane impact in a row of boxes, one for each lane at the incident location. Clicking on a box cycles thru lane impact values. Both shoulders are displayed even if there are no actual shoulders at the location.
  7. Finally, press the Log button to create the incident

A triangular marker will appear on the map pointing in the direction of travel, color-coded with the incident type.

Lane Impact

There are three lane impact values:

  1. free flowing (clear) — lane not impacted
  2. blocked (red) — lane completely blocked by incident
  3. affected (yellow) — lane partially blocked by incident


To change the location or verification camera, the Edit button must be pressed first. To change the lane impact or to clear the incident, the Edit button is not required. After making changes, be sure to press the Log button again.


Press the Clear button to clear the incident. It will remain in the list for some time afterward. This time interval can be configured with the incident_clear_secs system attribute — the default value is 300 seconds (5 minutes). During this time, a cleared incident can be reactivated if necessary.

Incident Events

Incidents and all updates are recorded in the database. There are two views available:

Deploying Devices

Devices can be deployed based on incident attributes. Pressing the Deploy button will bring up a form with a list of suggested DMS and suggested LCS devices to deploy for the incident.