Intelligent Roadway Information System


MULTI is the MarkUp Language for Transportation Information used to compose DMS messages, as defined by the NTCIP 1203 standard. Messages in MULTI are ASCII strings, with formatting or other instructions denoted by tags inside square brackets. For example, the [nl] tag indicates a new line.

IRIS supports most tags when viewing sign messages:

Tag Description Supported
[cbx] Message background color Yes
[pbz] [pbr,g,b] Page background color Yes
[cf] [cfx] [cfr,g,b] Foreground color Yes
[crx,y,w,h,z] [crx,y,w,h,r,g,b] Color rectangle Yes
[fx,y] Field data No
[fltxoy] [floytx] Flashing text No
[fo] [fox] [fox,cccc] Change font Yes
[gn] [gn,x,y] [gn,x,y,cccc] Place graphic Yes
[hcn] Hexadecimal character No
[jl] [jln] Line justification Yes
[jp] [jpn] Page justification Yes
[msx,y] Manufacturer specific No
[mv] Moving text No
[nl] [nls] New line Yes
[np] New page Yes
[ptn] [ptnof] Page time Yes
[scx] Character spacing Yes
[trx,y,w,h] Text rectangle Yes

Default Values

Some tags have default values, which will be used if a tag is not specified in a message.

Description Default Value
Background color 0 (black)
Background color RGB 0, 0, 0 (black)
Foreground color 9 (amber)
Foreground color RGB 255, 208, 0 (amber)
Flash on time 0.0 s
Flash off time 0.0 s
Font by sign config
Line justificaiton 3 (center)
Page justification 2 (top)
Page on time 2.8 s
Page off time 0.0 s
Character set 2 (eightBit)

Non-MULTI Tags

Additional non-MULTI tags are supported in specific contexts, interpreted by IRIS and replaced with dynamic values: