Intelligent Roadway Information System


Error Logs

Serious system errors are written to stderr, which is redirected to a file at /var/log/iris/iris.stderr. Check this file first when any problems are suspected.

XML Output

There are a number of XML files which are written by the IRIS server periodically. These files contain configuration information about the system as well as realtime data concerning the current state. These files are stored in the /var/www/html/iris_xml/ directory.

Filename Period Description
tms_config.xml.gz 24 hours Configuration data for IRIS system. If the district server property is changed, the filename will be changed to match {district}_config.xml.gz
det_sample.xml.gz 30 seconds Sample data from vehicle detection systems
stat_sample.xml.gz 30 seconds Mainline station data from vehicle detection systems
incident.xml.gz 30 seconds Current incident information
sign_message.xml.gz 30 seconds Current DMS sign message information

Database Event Tables

There are a number of event tables in the database for logging different types of events. Each of these tables has a view in the public DB schema. There is also a purge threshold for each table, stored as a system attribute. To disable purging older records from an event table, set the corresponding purge threshold to 0.

View Purge Threshold
action_plan_event_view action_plan_event_purge_days
alarm_event_view alarm_event_purge_days
beacon_event_view beacon_event_purge_days
camera_switch_event_view camera_switch_event_purge_days
client_event_view client_event_purge_days
comm_event_view comm_event_purge_days
detector_event_view detector_event_purge_days
gate_arm_event_view gate_arm_event_purge_days
meter_event_view meter_event_purge_days
price_message_event_view price_message_event_purge_days
sign_event_view sign_event_purge_days
tag_read_event_view tag_read_event_purge_days

Debug Trace Logs

There are a number of debugging logs which can be enabled in the /var/log/iris directory. To enable a particular log, use the touch command to create a file with the proper name. Some of these logs can grow very large, so be sure to have enough disk space available.

Filename Description
{comm-link-name}.log Comm link log
alert Alert information, including CAP protocol
bottleneck Bottleneck calculation for VSA algorithm
canoga Canoga protocol
cbw CBW protocol
device Device error log
dinrelay DIN-Relay protocol
dmsxml DMS-XML protocol
e6 E6 protocol
e6_pkt E6 protocol packets
feed Msg-Feed protocol
g4 G4 protocol
infinova Infinova protocol
kadaptive K Adaptive metering algorithm
manchester Manchester protocol
mndot170 MnDOT-170 protocol
modem Modem error log
ntcip NTCIP protocols
org815 ORG-815 protocol
pelcod Pelco-D protocol
polling Generic operaton polling log
prio Operation priority log
profile System profiling log
sched DMS scheduled message log
slow DMS slow traffic warning system log
snmp SNMP error log
sonar SONAR connection log
sql SQL database error log
ss105 Wavetronix SS105 protocol
ss125 Wavetronix SS125 protocol
stc STC protocol
sys_attr System attribute change log
toll Tolling info log
travel Travel time info log
vsa Variable speed advisory info log