Intelligent Roadway Information System


A portable DMS can have an associated GPS (global positioning system) receiver. This allows the sign to be tracked and automatically updated with the nearest roadway and direction.

API Resources 🕵️
  • iris/api/gps (primary)
  • iris/api/gps/{name}
Access Primary Secondary
👁️ View name latest_poll, latest_sample, lat, lon
💡 Manage notes
🔧 Configure controller pin

To create a GPS device, select the DMS and open its Properties form. On the Location, there are controls for configuring the associated GPS. Once the GPS is enabled, it must be associated with a controller. Its name will be the same as the DMS, with _gps appended. For NTCIP, the GPS should be associated with the same controller as the DMS (using pin 2). For RedLion or SierraGX, a new comm link and controller must be created to communicate with the modem.

The GPS location will be polled on the long poll period of the comm config. The Query GPS button can be used to manually poll the coördinates.