Intelligent Roadway Information System

System Attributes

Select View ➔ System ➔ System Attributes menu item

A system attribute is a configurable value which can be used to customize the IRIS system. Each attribute has a corresponding type: string, boolean, integer or floating point number.

When a system attribute has been modified from its default value, it will be displayed in bold on the System Attributes form.

Most attribute changes take effect immediately, but some require the IRIS client or server to be restarted.

System Attribute Description
action_plan_alert_list CSV list of users that trigger action plan activation alerts
action_plan_event_purge_days Number of days after which action plan events will be purged
alarm_event_purge_days Number of days after which alarm events will be purged
beacon_event_purge_days Number of days after which beacon events will be purged
camera_autoplay Automatically stream video when a camera is selected
camera_blank_url Location of PNG image to display for blankd video monitors
camera_construction_url Location of PNG image to display for cameras out due to construction
camera_image_base_url Base location of published camera images
camera_kbd_panasonic_enable Enable camera control from Panasonic CU-950 keyboards
camera_num_blank Camera number reserved for blanking video monitors
camera_out_of_service_url Location of PNG image to display for out of service cameras
camera_sequence_dwell_sec Dwell time for camera sequences
camera_ptz_blind Allow camera controls to be used even when not currently streaming to the IRIS client
camera_stream_controls_enable Enable camera stream control panel (stop, play, etc.)
camera_switch_event_purge_days Number of days after which camera switch events will be purged
camera_video_event_purge_days Number of days after which camera video events will be purged
camera_wiper_precip_mm_hr Precipitation rate to activate camera wipers (mm/hour)
clearguide_key ClearGuide customer key
client_event_purge_days Number of days after which client events will be purged
client_units_si true for the client to display units using the International System of Units (SI) or false for customary (US) units
comm_event_enable Enable logging communication events to database
comm_event_purge_days Number of days after which communication events will be purged
database_version IRIS database version; developer attribute. Do not change.
detector_auto_fail_enable Enable auto-fail of traffic detectors with suspicious data
detector_event_purge_days Number of days after which detector events will be purged
dms_comm_loss_enable Enable blanking DMS after communication time out
dms_gps_jitter_m Threshold (m) for GPS change to update DMS location
dms_lamp_test_timeout_secs Time to wait for DMS lamp test to complete
dms_page_on_max_secs Maximum selectable DMS page on time (seconds)
dms_page_on_min_secs Minimum selectable DMS page on time (seconds)
dms_pixel_off_limit Number of stuck-off pixels allowed in a DMS message
dms_pixel_on_limit Number of adjacent stuck-on pixels allowed in a DMS message
dms_pixel_maint_threshold Number of pixel failures before requiring maintenance
dms_pixel_test_timeout_secs Time to wait for DMS pixel test to complete
dms_render_size Specifies Chooser icon size: 0=Large, 1=Medium, 2=Small, 3=Auto
dms_send_confirmation_enable Enable a confirmation dialog box when the DMS Send button is pressed
dms_update_font_table Enable the updating of the DMS controller font table to match the font table in IRIS
dmsxml_reinit_detect Enable DMS reinitialization detection for DMSXML controllers
email_rate_limit_hours Hours to wait before sending duplicate emails
email_recipient_action_plan Recipient of action plan emails
email_recipient_aws Recipient of AWS emails
email_recipient_dmsxml_reinit Recipient of DMS reinit detection emails
email_recipient_gate_arm Recipient of gate arm alert emails
email_sender_server Sender email address of IRIS server
email_smtp_host SMTP host for sending email
gate_arm_alert_timeout_secs Time to wait before sending gate arm alerts after comm failure
gate_arm_event_purge_days Number of days after which gate arm events will be purged
help_trouble_ticket_enable Enable help menu item for creating trouble tickets
help_trouble_ticket_url URL of Trac trouble ticket system
incident_clear_advice_multi Advice for DMS messages when incidents are cleared
incident_clear_secs Seconds to leave cleared incidents before removing them
map_extent_name_initial Name of map extent displayed when client starts
map_icon_size_scale_max Maximum map scale (meters per pixel) to use full icon size
map_segment_max_meters Maximum distance for connecting map segments
meter_event_enable Enable logging ramp meter events to database
meter_event_purge_days Number of days after which ramp meter events will be purged
meter_green_secs Ramp meter green interval time
meter_max_red_secs Ramp meter maximum red interval time
meter_min_red_secs Ramp meter minimum red interval time
meter_yellow_secs Ramp meter yellow interval time
msg_feed_verify Require DMS messages from msg_feed to exist in message library
operation_retry_threshold Number of times a controller operation is retried if not already failed
price_message_event_purge_days Number of days after which price message events will be purged
route_max_legs Maximum number of corridors for route finding
route_max_miles Maximum distance (miles) for route finding
rwis_obs_age_limit_secs Weather sensor observations with an age (in secs) greater than this value will be ignored
rwis_slippery_1_percent Friction threshold for slippery 1 condition
rwis_slippery_2_degrees Temperature threshold for slippery 2 condition
rwis_slippery_3_percent Friction threshold for slippery 3 condition
rwis_windy_1_kph Gust speed threshold for windy 1 condition
rwis_windy_2_kph Gust speed threshold for windy 2 condition
rwis_visibility_1_m Distance threshold for visibility 1 condition
rwis_visibility_2_m Distance threshold for visibility 2 condition
rwis_flooding_1_mm Accumulation threshold for flooding 1 condition
rwis_flooding_2_mm Accumulation threshold for flooding 2 condition
sample_archive_enable Enable archiving of sample data
sign_event_purge_days Number of days after which sign events will be purged
speed_limit_default_mph Default roadway speed limit
speed_limit_max_mph Maximum roadway speed limit
speed_limit_min_mph Minimum roadway speed limit
tag_read_event_purge_days Number of days after which tag read events will be purged
toll_density_alpha α coefficient to convert density to tolling price
toll_density_beta β coefficient (exponent) to convert density to tolling price
toll_min_price Minimum tolling price for one trip
toll_max_price Default maximum tolling price for one trip
travel_time_min_mph Minimum overall speed for estimating travel times
uptime_log_enable Enable logging of system uptime
vsa_bottleneck_id_mph Maximum speed to identify a bottleneck station for VSA
vsa_control_threshold Acceleration threshold for VSA control distance
vsa_downstream_miles Distance downstream of bottleneck to deploy VSA
vsa_max_display_mph Maximum speed to display for VSA
vsa_min_display_mph Minimum speed to display for VSA
vsa_min_station_miles Minimum distance between stations for VSA
vsa_start_intervals Number of intervals before activating a bottleneck for VSA
vsa_start_threshold Acceleration threshold to activate a bottleneck
vsa_stop_threshold Acceleration threshold to deactivate a bottleneck
window_title Window title prefix when user is logged in
work_request_url URL to submit device work requests