Intelligent Roadway Information System

Parking Areas

The number of available spaces in a parking area can be published on the web, or displayed on a DMS. A parking area could be a rest area or a parking garage. The honeybee server can publish parking area information compatible with the MAASTO truck parking information management system (TPIMS).

A special corridor must be associated with the parking area in order to allow counting available spaces. Within that corridor, detectors with the parking lane type will be used. Lanes 1 (front) and 2 (rear) are reserved for a head parking space. If applicable, lanes 3 (front) and 4 (rear) are for the tail.

Parking Area Action Tag

The number of available parking spaces can be displayed in DMS messages using DMS actions. A [pa ] action tag in the message pattern will be replaced with the appropriate value. It has the following format:

[pa id,low,closed ]


  1. id: Parking area ID
  2. low: Text to display if available spaces is below the low threshold
  3. closed: Text to display if parking area is closed