Intelligent Roadway Information System

Ramp Meters

Select View ➔ Ramp Meters menu item

A ramp meter is a traffic signal at an on-ramp which controls the rate of vehicles entering a freeway. Typically, one vehicle is permitted to enter for each green indication displayed on the signal.

The following operations can be performed on a ramp meter:

Metering Strategies

Each ramp meter can be assigned a metering strategy, or algorithm. There are currently two metering strategies available — simple and density adaptive.

Simple metering runs the ramp meter at a fixed release rate. This rate is the target rate for the period (AM or PM).

API Resources 🕵️
  • iris/api/ramp_meter (primary)
  • iris/api/ramp_meter/{name}
Access Primary Secondary
👁️ View name, location geo_loc
👉 Operate m_lock, rate
💡 Manage notes storage, max_wait, algorithm, am_target, pm_target
🔧 Configure controller pin, meter_type, beacon, preset