Intelligent Roadway Information System

Client Properties

The IRIS server has a configuration file which contains default properties for clients — /etc/iris/ These properties include internationalization, network proxy, and other system configuration. Note that even though IRIS has been internationalized, it has not yet been translated to languages other than english.

Property Description
language ISO 639 alpha-2 or alpha-3 language code. E.g. en
country ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code or UN M.49 numeric-3 area code. E.g., US
variant IETF BCP 47 language variant subtag.
district District name — useful where multiple IRIS servers exist within the same organization
http.proxy List of HTTP proxy settings (used for downloading map tiles, XML files, etc.)
http.proxy.whitelist List of addresses to bypass using proxy server, in CIDR notation (exact IP, or ranges specified such as
keystore.file URL for the client keystore file
keystore.password Password for the client keystore IP or hostname of the SONAR server
sonar.port TCP port number of the SONAR server
sonar.cipher.suites Cipher suite names to enable (regex)
tdxml.detector.url URL for XML detector stream
map.tile.url Base URL for map tileset — must end in / IP or hostname of video server/proxy
video.port TCP port number of video server/proxy
autologin.username A username to be used for automatic login upon client startup. Note: use of this property is a security risk
autologin.password A password to be used for automatic login upon client startup. Note: use of this property is a security risk
tab.list List specifying the visibility and ordering of the primary UI tabs in the IRIS client. The default value is: incident, dms, camera, lcs, ramp.meter, gate.arm, r_node, action.plan, comm
scale User interface scaling factor (0.25 to 4.0) — useful for Hi-DPI screens

User Properties

The IRIS client also reads a property file on client computers. The file is named, and can be found in the iris folder of the user's home directory. It can contain overrides for any of the values in the client properties file.

The file is overwritten when logging out. The window geometry and last selected tab will be updated, but all other properties will be left unchanged.