Intelligent Roadway Information System


IRIS — the Intelligent Roadway Information System — is an advanced traffic management system. It is an integrated platform for transportation agencies to manage traffic monitoring and control devices. The software is written in Java and licensed for anyone to use under the GPL. In addition, all dependencies required to install and operate an IRIS system are available as free software.

The IRIS software presents an intuitive map-based interface to system operators. This user interface has been refined over many iterations by getting feedback from operators to streamline their workflow.

System Architecture

system architecture

The software has a client/server architecture. System configuration data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, and managed by the IRIS server. The server also handles communication with all traffic control and data collection devices. The client software is distributed by an nginx web server, using Java Web Start. All communication between the server and clients is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS). The server may be configured to pass authentication requests off to an external LDAP server, allowing IRIS to integrate into an existing authentication system.