Intelligent Roadway Information System

Comm Links

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A comm link is a network connection to field devices or external system feeds. IRIS is capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous comm links.

API Resources 🕵️
  • iris/api/comm_link (primary)
  • iris/api/comm_link/{name}
Access Primary
👁️ View name, connected
💡 Manage poll_enabled
🔧 Configure description, uri, comm_config


Description is s short text description of the comm link.

URI, or Uniform Resource Identifier includes a DNS host name or network IP address, and port number, using the standard host:port convention. It can also contain an optional scheme prefix, which can be either udp://, tcp:// or modem:// for modem links. If present, the scheme will override the default scheme for the selected protocol. For example, to use the Pelco-D protocol over TCP (instead of the default UDP), prepend tcp:// to the URI.

Poll Enabled is a flag which can enable or disable polling.

Comm Config is a set of properties which can be shared among multiple comm links.