Intelligent Roadway Information System


Permissions are a newer access control feature intended to replace capabilities and privileges. For now, they determine permissions for web access only.

API Resources
  • iris/api/permission
  • iris/api/permission/{id}
  • iris/api/access
Access Minimal
👁️ View id
🔧 Configure role, resource_n, hashtag, access_n


Role is the user role associated with the permissions.

Resource is the {type} part of a restricted resource to be accessed.

Hashtag restricts the permission to resources which have the assigned tag. Permissions containing hashtags are only checked for updates to existing resources, not creation/deletion.

There are 4 access levels, with increasing permissiveness:

Level Access Permissions
1 👁️ View Monitor / read
2 👉 Operate + Control
3 💡 Manage + Policies, scheduling
4 🔧 Configure + Create, update, delete

When checks are performed, the highest access level of matching permissions is used.

Dependent Resources

To simplify administration, some permissions grant access to related resources. In other words, permissions on the main resource also applies to any dependent resource, at the same access level.

  1. camera
  2. dms
  3. gate arm
  4. lcs