Intelligent Roadway Information System

Incident LCS Deployment

Lane-use Control Signs (LCS) indications can be suggested from active roadway incidents. The lane impact and distance to the incident are used to determine which indications to put on the signs.

There are three distance thresholds for making suggestions:

Threshold Distance
short 0 to 0.4 mi
medium 0.4 to 0.7 mi
long 0.7 to 1.0 mi

Short Distance

For incidents that are a short distance from the LCS, the indications are based only on impact in the same lane as the LCS:

Condition Indication
lane blocked lane closed
lane affected use caution
lane free flowing lane open

Medium Distance

For medium distance incidents, the conditions are a bit more complicated:

Condition Indication
lane not blocked lane open
lane blocked; nearest open lane to left merge left
lane blocked; nearest open lane to right merge right
lane blocked; open lanes to left and right merge both
all lanes blocked lane closed

Long Distance

It is simpler for long distance:

Condition Indication
lane not blocked lane open
lane blocked lane closed ahead

Changeable LCS Indications

For changeable LCS, the use caution indication is used instead of merge left, merge right, merge both or lane closed ahead.